About the market

World Street Eats aims to create a venue where locals and visitors can experience authentic cuisine and internationally-inspired flavours, diverse art and entertainment, and experience the culture of our diverse heritages. We hope to become Launceston’s premier place to meet, eat, buy, share, enjoy and celebrate the cultural diversity of Launceston. Patrons will experience delicious international food, music and other culturally-relevant activities in a welcoming family-friendly atmosphere.

Our Vision

World Street Eats strives to be Launceston’s premier culturally-diverse, street food market where the community can experience flavours of the world and embrace the cultural diversity that the city has to offer.

Our Mission

World Street Eats @ Civic Square will achieve our Vision by:

  1. Creating a food market that is rich in cultural diversity by bringing together cuisine from around the world. 
  2. Marrying the concept of world cuisines with locally-sourced ingredients to provide fresh, quality global dishes to the community.
  3. Curating local small businesses, artists and suppliers that can offer products and services that showcase the cultural diversity of the community. 
  4. Being accessible for all and creating a sense of place for the local community and visitors.
  5. Promoting creativity as well as providing a starting platform for emerging small businesses, particularly migrants and minority groups, to begin their entrepreneurial journey in the city.

Our Core Values

Community, Harmony, Quality, Knowledge, Creativity, Sustainability, Respect