Food vendors

We are looking for the right mixture of savoury or sweet food vendors that can offer ethnic foods or internationally-inspired cuisines. Food vendors who are passionate about sharing their passions behind their creations and sharing international culture and unique food items to the community.

We would like to see menus that are tailored specifically for the event, internationally-inspired menus that are not common in Tasmania. While some ingredients required for ethnic dishes cannot be produced locally, we will endeavour to encourage the vendors to incorporate Tasmania’s produces and ingredients as much as possible. 

To comply with the current health restrictions and Covid Safety Guidelines, we are only able to allocate a limited number of stalls at each market. The maximum number of stalls may vary between each market but we aim to offer variety and diverse cuisine to our market patrons. Due to this limitation, we may not be able to offer you a site at every market but we will be able to offer you opportunity across the season.

Email us at to apply or enquire for more information!